Eight Audio PA 300X3 LCR Power Amplifier

Despite its slim dimensions, it's a three-channel audiophile quality power amplifier powered by ICEpower technology and is perfect for powering the three important LCR channels of a 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel, or Dolby Atmos / DTS:X home theater system.



From the deepest bass to the warmest, sweetest highs, Our PA 300X3 is Designed with ICEpower® class D technology. features patented HCOM modulation and control techniques which ensure an excellent audio performance. With a dynamic range of up to 113 dB at 300W, the amplifier provides a perfect signal amplification with an absolute minimum of background noise.



Triple mono power amplifier capable of effortlessly driving most demanding loudspeaker loads to concert levels. Rated at 140 watts per channel into 8‎Ω and 300 watts per channel into 4‎Ω. Drives Front LCR loudspeakers as never before & Effortless.


Eight Audio PA 300X3 LCR Power Amplifier

SKU: PA300X3
  • System Type
    3 Channel Mono Amplifier

    Amplification type

    Class D with Hybrid feedback Controlled Oscillation Modulator (HCOM) - ICEpower®

    Frequency response

    10 - 22000 Hz +/- 0.5 db

    Minimum impedance​


    Output Power (RMS) - Three channels driven ​

    4Ω - 300W

    8Ω - 140W

    2.7Ω - 450W


    0.005% @ 100W in 8Ω

    0.025% @ 140W in 8Ω

    0.1% @ 260W in 4Ω

    1% @ 300W in 4Ω

    Dynamic range​

    113 dB S/N, (A-weighted at 300 W, 4 Ω)


    Professional Home Cinema Amplifier 

    Input Connectors

    Balanced - XLR
    Unbalanced - RCA

    2 Years

    Cabinet Dimensions
    Height - 65mm
    Width - 450mm
    Depth - 200mm

    Cabinet finishes


    Net Weight

    5.5 Kgs