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Best floor standing Speakers
Product of the Year 2019

Agate Series Review

We have been fans of this start-up ever since they debuted at the What HiFI show in mumbai last year.
Their speakers subsequently garnered a rousing review
in the mag and now they are ready with their latest offering - the Agate series. Set-up in a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos configuration, the system sounded way more expensive than its sub ₨3 lac price tag would suggest. The trademark Eight Audio sound was intact with mellow highs and a deep, controlled LF response. BenQ and Screen Innovation provided the visual thrills alongside the cinematic sound from the Agate.

eight audio agate review
eight audio rinjani review

Satori Rinjani Review

A Smashing entry into a crowded market but stands out with its dynamics, musicality, bass response and power handling capabilities.

Platina Series Review

The rapidly growing line of Eight Audio speakers needed more than one room to house all their offerings. The stereo-only demo room had their acclaimed Satori Rinjani floorstanders on demo along with their smaller versions, the Ara BE (with Beryllium tweeter). The Platina B17 took place of pride in the room too, making its presence felt not by size but its scale of sound. Powered by Musical Fidelity M5Si integrated amplifier and the Elipson Omega 100 turntable serving as source, this room was sure to change your mind about “made in India” products!

eight audio platina review